L'original bijou en silicone français |

Un bijou d'éveil beau, sécurisé qui vous suivra au moment de l'allaitement, du portage et des poussées dentaires.

MintyWendy in English - “A perfect combination of French style and practicality”

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MintyWendy offers all the practicality of silicone, baby-friendly jewellery, complete with French style. The beautiful collection is one that you would feel very happy wearing under any circumstances, but the magic lies in the fact that it is perfectly designed for the needs of mums of young babies and those of their little ones.


Us mums know the issue only too well. Before you know it, your sweet little baby is discovering their powers and grabbing everything in sight – including your favourite necklace and bangles. The usual result – the gradual (or sudden!) disappearance of jewellery from your everyday mum-wardrobe.

At the same time, your little one has the urge to put everything in their mouth as they go on their journey of discovery. Founder Cécile, mama of Wendy, had the idea to make jewellery that is designed to please mum, but made baby friendly – safe and, in fact, perfect for little teethers to chew on!

The range for mama includes a series of necklaces, chokers and bangles. Designs are minimalist, geometrical and modern. Colours are gorgeous and perfect for pairing, with plenty of subtle and neutral options as well as pops of colour.

The beads and bracelets are made of food-grade silicone, perfectly suited to babies’ mouths. In addition to being beautiful, feminine accessories, each piece is also a perfect toy to keep baby occupied when nursing, babywearing or simply holding little one close, and ideal to soothe teething gums.

For additional safety, each necklace is made with a safety clasp that automatically opens when pulled on. Each piece is designed and assembled in France.

And because little babies soon grow… Don’t miss the sweet mama and me children’s versions of the stylish jewellery!

Emilie from Babyccino